#MondayMood Ghostly Kisses – Crimson

Steeped in profound resonance, the alluring dream-pop outfit Ghostly Kisses has presented their newest entrancing single, “Crimson,” ushering in the prelude to their much-awaited album, ‘Darkroom,’ slated to arrive on May 17th, 2024. Emerging in the wake of their airy hymn “Keep It Real” and hot on the heels of their headline tour announcement spanning the UK, EU, and North America, Ghostly Kisses unfurls a striking single imbued with depth.

Famed for their bewitching musical interludes, Ghostly Kisses enlisted the acclaimed producer Oli Bayton, who has earned accolades for his work with notables such as Rachel Chinouriri, Olivia Dean, Barry Can’t Swim, and Yuné Pinku, for yet another immaculate foray into the ethereal. With the spellbinding voice of Margaux Sauvé takes center stage in this release, “Crimson” probes matters of autonomy and liberation, a theme carrying profound significance in our current era. Stitched together with a rhythmic canopy adorned by orchestral flourishes, we are welcomed with intriguing previews of the album to come.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Margaux Sauvé, lead vocalist of Ghostly Kisses explained, ”Crimson holds a special place for us within Darkroom, primarily due to the emotional depth of the themes it explores. Through the Box of Secrets, we received numerous revealing confessions of homosexuality, and the challenges individuals face in expressing or living their love due to familial or societal constraints. Crimson aims to be a broader reflection and claim on individual rights and freedom, also echoing events such as the tragic death of Mahsa Amini and the Iranian protest movement for women’s freedom.” 

“I know it’s not us, I know it’s not us, I know it’s not us to flee and hush

I know it’s not us, I know it’s not us, they bruise they crush, they kill the love instead”

Margaux Sauvé went on to share, “This passage vividly captures the intensity of their emotions – the profound anger, the deep-seated pain, and an unwavering resolve to persist in the fight for their rights and freedoms. Being the most lyrically intense song of the album, we wanted to couple that with the most intense musical production as well. The verses are sung by one voice, but as the message comes “I know it’s not us”, it’s progressively joined by more and more voices as a metaphor of how a movement starts. Through Crimson, we hope to offer a powerful medium to amplify the voices of those who are silenced.”

Conceived by the artistic pair Margaux Sauvé and Louis-Étienne Santais, Ghostly Kisses have crafted an enigmatic musical realm that has garnered global adoration. Demonstrating their emotional rawness, as evidenced by the “Box of Secrets” project, Ghostly Kisses have gained recognition from esteemed outlets such as Clash Magazine, Wonderland, Billboard, Paste, Pitchfork, 10 Magazine, Metal Mag, and have provided tour support for Ry X, Men I Trust, and Lord Huron.

With their headline tour through the UK, EU, and North America rapidly reaching sold-out status, their earlier release “Keep It Real” enjoyed airtime on Germany’s Flux FM, a prime market for tickets. Moreover, their standout track “On & Off” recently ascended to the number 10 spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 in Saudi Arabia, further cementing the band as an indomitable presence.

The build-up to their ‘Darkroom’ album is palpable among fans, who can anticipate a collection of music that continues to challenge Ghostly Kisses’ sonic and lyrical realms. Capturing contemporary human sentiments, ‘Darkroom’ delves into life’s complexities, revealing a compilation set to whisk listeners away to other realms. This anticipated album intertwines escapism with tangible experiences, fostering a genuine rapport with their audience while affording moments for personal reflection. Ghostly Kisses promises more enthralling offerings, including a live session featuring a string quartet that promises to captivate.