#MondayMood Mazoulew – Pangaea EP

London based producer Mazoulew has landed at La Belle Musique for his debut release ‘Pangaea’. For this release, Mazoulew explains, “Pangaea was built around the idea of the ancient supercontinent where all land and life on earth was at one stage connected. For this record I wanted to explore organics, taking the purity of natural textures and evolving them. I wanted to create something that inspires people, allowing them to escape to the furthest points of their imagination and memories. It’s very much about a journey in the past, present or future”. ‘Pangaea’ is a vast and purely elevating journey, displaying just what this producer is capable of. The 3-track EP is available now on La Belle Musique.

Mazoulew is currently writing his new album, working on a live show and the next chapter of the story. Expect many collaborations with artists from around the world. We are sure this is the beginning of something special, so watch this space.