#MondayMood Until The Ribbon Breaks – ‘One Match’

The Los Angeles by way of Cardiff band Until The Ribbon Breaks are on their way to releasing their second album after a tumultuous few years where the band’s lead singer fell victim to substance abuse and addiction. Going to rehab and through the recovery process, Pete Lawrie-Winfield found new inspiration, scrapping all previous music and starting again. ‘One Match’ is the final track before the band’s self-titled sophomore album drops on February 23rd.

Lead man, lyricist and producer Pete Lawrie-Winfield’s explains: “It was a reality check, a cry for help and a personal account of the very worst moments in a long period of addiction and substance abuse. I always knew that one day I would have to get clean, I just had no idea how. This is a diary entry from the middle of that mess.”