‘Mondo Alterado’: Rebolledo’s Second Album Documentary

Rebolledo is back with his new high performance GT album Mondo Alterado. In this short, retro inspired documentary directed by Graphset, we can see the technology, mind set and design behind it. The album will be out on Hippie Dance on May 27, 2016 which you can pre order on triple vinyl and CD right now – see more information below!

After his successful debut album Super Vato (CÓMEME CD LP 01) from 2011, his highly praised mix CD Momento Drive (KOMPAKT CD 117) from 2014, and all-around mayhem during his adventures as one half of the Pachanga Boys, Xalapa’s finest Rebolledo returns with his second solo album Mondo Alterado: a recollection of moments and experiences from recent years, colorful mnemonics encompassing the brightest and the darkest. The result is a kind of soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist, a sonic journey designed like a mixtape that faithfully reflects Rebolledo’s background as DJ and producer. Nine tracks connect for one overarching narrative, sharing elements, motives, details as they blend together. The artist’s signature can be found all over the place, roaming between straight, rock-drenched drumming, sinister atmospheres, raw synth textures, exciting peaks and foggy bottoms – but always following this kinetic flow and drive which is such a big part of Rebolledo’s compelling charme.

‘Mondo Alterado’ comes with coloured vinyl, incl. CD version of the album, gatefold jacket and printed innersleeves – order here!
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