Monochromatic Dreamscape: Canyon Crochet

Monochromatic Dreamscape is a story by Ale Washington, a creative director, and photographer from Sinaloa – Mexico, based in Los Angeles. A KALTBLUT exclusive. This editorial is focused on the young ceramic artist, Canyon Cognac. Text by Adan Cisneros. DoP by Joshua David Pankiw.

CC is a self-taught artist based in Venice Beach and in three years of practice, he has created a ceramic collection centered around an inner dreamscape brought into the physical world. Primarily glazed in white, the shapes take various forms but maintain simplicity while staying true to the subject’s essence, a mirror to their hue. His work has been presented at “-ing” Group Collective and The Bombay Beach Biennale. Styled in his hues, we photographed the artist amongst his collection and spoke about his practice, inspirations, fashion, & life.

Wearing AIREI, betapost, Jacquemus, Marni, MM6 Maison Margiela, & Post Archive Faction from H.Lorenzo.

What’s your relationship with your signature hue?

White symbolizes everything while also nothing. White is the color of clouds, dreams, and freedom,  and lastly, it is the color you see before you die. It reflects, holds, passes, and gives space to become. In the void, you are the freest.

What inspired the beginning of your artistic venture & what continues to inspire you daily?

Upon moving to Los Angeles, I wanted to claim artistry as an identity. Being surrounded by the nature embedded in this city and the expansiveness it offers catalyzed a new form of creativity.

Having an embodied presence in the experience of life allows me to draw new inspirations each day and to be in connection with my consciousness and subconscious through meditation and dreams.

Who are your biggest influences?


How would you define your art?

My intention is to illuminate deeper levels of connection, introspection, and truth through art. My work often incorporates organic, nature-inspired elements, movement, and metaphysical explanations, meant to encourage conversation about the awe of life’s experiences.

Describe your perfect set-up for creating.

Involving all senses helps to be most embodied in the practice of creation. What I love about sculpture is that it’s tactile and allows for the transmission of feeling into each piece. To further the sensory experience, ideally, incense, and softness in ambient sound are involved. I’ve experimented with different hours of the day and usually return to the night as a creative apex when the rest of the world is quiet.

What do you like & dislike about the art world?

I love art. I love its capacity to incite thought, dialogue, philosophy, and community. The art world’s existence is accepted as is, and I also embrace its evolution. Those parts with which I find friction spark a fire for another in the same stroke. Paradoxes and contradictions are embraced in full swing of the pendulum.

When you’re not working on your art, you are…

The beach is a daily ritual, preferably during sunset. The rest is in flow.

Describe your personal style; what’s your daily uniform?

White, off-white, potentially beige. It’s a kind of neurosis that has consumed my entire being. It started in reaction while living in London and being surrounded by gray and want to bring more light into life, and it has only intensified since.

What are you working on at the moment?

Soulful shapes that touch the spirit.

What does the future look like for Canyon Crochet?


More on view @congnaceramic
Artist: Canyon Crochet – @canyoncognac
Art Direction & Photography by Ale Washington @alewm
DoP by Joshua David Pankiw @wheresjd
Featuring: Canyon Crochet @canyoncognac @congnaceramic

Wearing: MM6 Maison Margiela, AIREI, Post Archive Faction, Marni, betapost, Jacquemus
from H.Lorenzo @h_lorenzo 

Text: Adan Cisneros @rebeladan

Brands used are @mm6maisonmargiela @postarchivefaction @Marni @thebetapost @jacquemus from H.Lorenzo