Moose Knuckles Gives A F**k #MKGAF

Moose Knuckles is donating 100% of net profits and 200,000 face masks from two of its initiatives to the World Health Organization (WHO) and hospitals in Montreal, Milan, and New York City.

“Be generous, be compassionate, and care for your tribe. Show it with words, time, and if you can spare them, dollars. This is bigger than business and profits. We can worry about that later. Right now, taking care of each other should be our biggest focus.” – Ayal Twik, CEO.

In support of overworked and undersupplied healthcare professionals, Moose Knuckles first actioned a ten-day sale that ended on April 12th and a discount of 25% applied site-wide to all regularly priced merchandise. The second, an artist collaboration program led by Office Magazine editor and friend of the brand, Marz Lovejoy, will commission NYC creatives to turn a blank Moose Knuckles Lead Rider Jacket into art. YARD, the Parisian creative agency is known for its ingenuity in connecting with the urban generation through its work across music, sports, and fashion will commission Paris creatives for the collaboration. The one-of-a-kind creations will then be sold on

Due to shelter-at-home and self-quarantine orders, social media has become a primary avenue of human connection. Looking to ease the indefinite isolation’s hold on the masses, the Moose Knuckles Instagram has evolved into a repository of stimulation, engagement, entertainment, and inspiration. By employing teams from local businesses, as well as freestanding creatives, the initiative supports industries profoundly affected by the pandemic as well as those confined to their own homes. Max Fish, legendary Lower East Side bar, art gallery, music venue and bastion of NYC creativity, will lead the way.

Although forced to separate, the world’s best chance at overcoming this threat is if we stand together. Moose Knuckles gives a f**k and will do everything it can to help those in need, encouraging everyone else to follow suit along the way.

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About Moose Knuckles

Since 1921, our family has been protecting Canadians from the cold – a relentless quest that founded Moose Knuckles Canada in 2009. The brand was built on the belief that we could make the leanest, toughest and most luxurious sportswear in the world. We engineer Canadian know-how, grit, and heritage into every fibre, stitch, and zipper. More than an exceptional outerwear brand available across the globe, Moose Knuckles is a family, a community, a tribe, and we wear it on our sleeves.