Morning After

The project is about the morning after going out and having an amazing time with friends and others. It’s about that emptiness that you feel after having many laughs and felt that momentary carelessness that those nights bring. After the buzz of the alcohol has gone and after all your friends are no longer with you. You have a slight headache and that song that you really liked is still playing in your head, at least those few lines that you remember.” says photographer Adelina Antal. Models are Kári Timsson and Gríma Irmudóttir  at Eskimo Models. Make up by Andrea Skúladóttir. Styling by Sigríður Helga Ragnarsdóttir.


Photographer: Adelina Antal
Models: Kári Timsson & Gríma Irmudóttir @ Eskimo Models
Make up: Andrea Skúladóttir
Stylist: Sigríður Helga Ragnarsdóttir