Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Find the perfect gift for her: DoDo’s Fiore Collection

The bond with nature and its protection, which has always been the philosophy of DoDo now has a meaning of new nuances. Gratitude to nature in every season their beauty renewed and a new collection that is an injection of positivity and celebrates a new geography of feelings.

With this spirit, DoDo brings Fiore, the new playful, and contemporary Collection, launched in 2023, featuring the irregular silhouettes nature consciously maintains. Fiore is made from 9k rose gold crafted and meets pearlescent cathedral enamel and white Diamonds that light up the most precious soul of the collection.

The rose gold ring features a mother-of-pearl enamel corolla that moves and rotates around the center, which is illuminated by a diamond, as do the stud earrings. Moments of surprise, accompanied by precious materials with a refined and feminine aesthetic, involve the wearer and create an intimate bond with her, even with the earrings, where the enameled flower pendant rotates around the hoop earrings.

The pendant, with its openwork center through which the counter link passes, is offered in cathedral enamel or with a precious pavé diamond.

“Be positive, be grateful” is the collection’s message to remind us how important it is to say thank you and be thankful – without limits.