Ms Gehlen by Paul Shiakallis

Femme Fatale is the story of the network of spies placed all over Europe by the architect of the Cold War, Reinhardt Gehlen. These beautiful women could adapt to any circumstance, and blended perfectly into high society circles, seducing rich and powerful men to give up secrets. Leaving in a set of absurd and often bizarre crime scenes, that had the authorities baffled. Being chased all across Europe, glimpses of the femme Fatales could be seen at gala openings, balls, and society teas, surrounding themselves with the elite of society, made them untouchable to the ones chasing them. And when finally caught and interrogated, hold stead-fast in their resolve and loyalty to Gehlen. Often pretending to breakdown, but always playing the game of cat and mouse. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Kelly-Jean is a fashion and advertising makeup artist, combining her knowledge of current trends with a modern contemporary approach to create makeup looks. Her personality and passion is evident in collaboration projects, creating looks that is flawless and ahead of its time. With a keen understanding of fashion, she flawlessly conjures up editorial and beauty looks.

Having been in the fashion industry for more than a decade, Schalk Myburgh has a keen understanding of current trends and the fantasy of fashion. Creating looks and stories where the core theme is always to empower women and make them feel beautiful. Working in the editorial and adverting, Schalk uses his collab projects to escape the mundane and create mythical images of style, both future and of days gone by.

Paul Shiakallis is a commercial and art documentary photographer. He spent his childhood years working at his parents’ convenience store in Albertskroon, Johannesburg; the people he met inspired his love for staging real-life in his photography. Paul’s most prestigious project is the portraits he shot of the women of the Heavy Metal scene in Botswana. He has exhibited in India, Greece, Australia and USA and has been published most notably by i-D Mag (USA), The Guardian (UK), De Volksrant (Holland) and GQ (Russia).


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