Mumbai Dreams: A Dive into Elska’s Latest Edition Celebrating Indian Men

Elska, the renowned project spotlighting the bodies and voices of LGBTQ communities globally, has travelled to Mumbai for its latest edition. This instalment allows readers to get acquainted with a diverse group of ordinary men from this iconic Indian metropolis through a blend of intimate and candid photography coupled with personal storytelling.

“Soon after Elska launched, people described it as a diversity showcase, highlighting varying races, ages, and body types,” says Elska editor and chief photographer Liam Campbell. “Initially, this was unintentional — the goal was to explore different cities, meet random local guys, and share their images and stories in print. However, as more people expressed how much Elska’s approach resonated with them and fostered a sense of inclusivity, I felt a responsibility to continue. A conversation with friends in LGBTQ media about the underrepresentation of the South Asian community led me to focus on India for our next issue.”

“This brought us to Mumbai, which became Elska’s tenth issue,” Liam continues. “Unfortunately, it initially became our all-time lowest seller. However, as Elska has grown, recently reaching our forty-sixth issue, I decided to revisit Mumbai. While I’m uncertain it will perform better this time, I’m immensely proud of this issue showcasing Indian men, a true favourite of mine.”

Inside Elska Mumbai and its companion zine Elska Ekstra Mumbai, readers meet thirteen Mumbaikar men. The photography features a natural, spontaneous style, capturing the men in their city’s streets and homes, dressed in their style or sometimes not dressed at all, creating a sensual-documentary aesthetic. Accompanying the photos are personal stories written by each of the thirteen subjects, delving deeper into their lives. Topics range from Rehaan D’s imagined coming-out letters to his grandmother, Saif G’s homage to chasing true love across caste lines, and Faraz A’s vividly scandalous poem about his love for foreskin.

Elska Mumbai is 180 pages and available from select shops worldwide, or for order online via the Elska website. Additionally, the companion zine Elska Ekstra Mumbai offers hundreds of pages of outtakes, behind-the-scenes tales, and stories and photos from beyond Mumbai, featuring contributions by guest photo artists Mitch Cullen and Alcibiade de Paros.

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