MustSee Movie: TRIVIAL by Noel Alejandro

Filmmaker Noel Alejandro released another great movies. In Trivial , the music student Phllip (Valentin Braun) goes visit a room he wants to rent. The room is in a shared flat, and when arriving to the place he is welcomed by Renault and his roommate with benefits (Yann André and Gaspard, both newcomers).

Things start to spice up when the house’s cat bites Valentin’s hand. While one of the hosts goes get a tissue from the kitchen the room is taken by a powerful sexual tension, from which no one will escape untouched. With Trivial, Noel wanted to depict a natural, sensitive and relatable threesome, apart from the agitated enraged productions that are common in mainstream erotica. Shot in a beautiful natural light (which has become Noel’s trademark), Trivial is a smooth, uncomplicated film that will fill your eyes with the most erotic and inspiring sensations.

Trivial . 30 min, 2017, EN. Directed by Noel Alejandro. Starring Valentin, Yann André and Gaspard . Available on . Filmed and edited in Brussels (2017).


Noel Alejandro is a Barcelona-Brussels based independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director whose path is driven by all kinds of art that break taboos . Having directed Eloi & Biel (2012), Bad Medicine (2015), Roomies (2015), Thank You… (2016), The Cable Guy (2016), Doing Elliot (2016) and Call Me a Ghost (2017), his work has been hailed as unique, originative and avant-garde. It was recently said to “ erase the line between art and porn ”, and to emerge as “ the best hope of contemporary independent gay porn ”. All of his films are available for download in Noel Alejandro’s website .