NEON GALAKTICA ‘Momentum’ is a very sexy serie made by Berlin based artist and photographer Boris Draschoff. For this artwork Boris uses a mix of analog printing and digital retouch. The story of this piece is very interesting as it all happened based on a misunderstanding.

NEON GALAKTICA momentum (childhood)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (climax)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (confusion)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (blur)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (anticipation)_mini

“I met a girl last year and fell very fast in love with her. And so did she with me. One day, she talked about sexual phantasies with me, previous experiences and desires. The way I got her back then, I understood that she would be into BDSM. Not the cute and kinky ’50 shades of Grey’ style. But the real hardcore. Something, that I had never done and experienced myself
on such a level. Since I loved her so much, I wanted to contribute in that in order to make her happy. So I started to research. And dived more and more into the online BDSM porn and blog world. Since I didn´t know how far her phantasies would possibly go, I dived very deep and very dark. The images and videos I found and saw, disturbed and confused me a lot. I had some nightmares back then. And I started to have a darker look on the world. So after I realized what a huge impact this visual journey had on me, I decided to work with those impressions and confusions and pain. In order to get over it and to un-traumatize myself. So I started to review those videos and images on porn sides. Confronted myself with  what scared me so much. And created images out of it.”

NEON GALAKTICA momentum (glow)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (indifference)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (machine)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (marriage)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (release)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (sacrifice)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (shame)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (smudge)_mini

“All motifs are based on digital screenshots that I took from BDSM porn I have watched and saved. Making them into abstracted dot pattern made them look surreal and therefore more ‘handable’ for me, since it somehow made me feel like it´s not real anymore. Adding the most shiny and bright neon colors on those dark themes, finally gave them a beauty. A way, that I could handle with this impact. The impact that this journey had on me. So therefore I called it ‘momentum’. Neon stands for the brightness of the images. Galaktica for the cosmos, somehow outerspace from my personality, that I have travelled back then for the girl I love so much.”

NEON GALAKTICA momentum (mistrust)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (mute)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (pity)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (twist)_mini

“End of the story:  it´s all been a big misunderstanding. She wasn’t into BDSM and my journey in order to make her happy, was so seen absolutly unnessacary. But it happened, left marks on me; and created something beautiful at the end.”

NEON GALAKTICA momentum (dignity)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (flirt)_mini
NEON GALAKTICA momentum (pride)_mini