Iria Onieva, aka Harakirina, is a visual artist from Vigo, Spain, that uses photography as a tool for artistic expression, shaping her imaginary where she shows a Retrofuturist, Neon, Kitsch, Post-punk aesthetic. To created NEON-GIRL, the self-taught photographer Harakirina (Vigo) and the model, designer, stylist and multidisciplinary artist Africa Vugatty (Madrid) collaborated in this explosive photographic series of pink pantones, snakes, glitter and neon that will leave you blind making a perfect tandem that will not leave you indifferent.

Using herself as a model, art director and photographer, Harakirina’s work is an expression of individuality and independence. Most of her photographs are taken in her own study basement, breaking the wall of an intimate space and converting it in stained glass neon lights, sharp knives, crumbly eyeshadows and metallic love Y2K. Harakirina also addresses her own understanding of femininity and empowerment. The girls’ imagination is a sacred refuge where fantasies become reality and the freedom of one herself is untouchable.

Instagram: @africavugatti
Instagram: @harakirina