Film Premiere: RISE by Taha Ismail

"In a world in turmoil and conflict, multiple strangers come together to experience what it means to be human." Set under the white cliffs of Dover in Kent, UK.

The film comes at a time when the world is in crisis – war, refugees, racism, mass conflict and mass suffering, and so on. The film is about human connection, and the theme is about “coming together”. It features a diverse cast of performers supported by the famous Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Declaration speech.

Although we had a general outline of the (rather abstract) narrative, the performance is almost completely improvised. The idea was to connect with and “activate” each performer via touch/contact and start from the ground up individually then rise together.
We intentionally chose not to have any rehearsals beforehand – I wanted it to be very raw. Everything was inspired at the moment by the location, concept, music and performers.

Taha Ismail is a Bangladeshi filmmaker based in London. He recently launched Collective Unconscious – a creative collective + digital platform working across film, music & fashion.

Taha is a London Film School & Ravensbourne alumnus. His work revolves around the world of narrative film, music & fashion; His films explore storytelling from a deeply personal space blending reality and fiction, his music videos boast psychedelic characteristics and his fashion pieces flaunt its evocative ambience.

Taha’s work has featured on US television, at BAFTA qualifying festival Aesthetica, Alaska Airlines IFE, Austin Music Video Festival, and acclaimed platforms such as BBC, Omeleto, BOOOOOOOM, MYM & 1.4 amongst others.

Director + Producer: Taha Ismail @directorshaheb

Production Company: @weareunconscious
Choreographer: @gaia_cicolani
DOP: @alioufilms
1st AC: @mgthedp BTS: @bakerphotos1
Production Manager: @xtiyxxhmed
Production Team: @ssadeqaa @griffin_gates
Special thanks: @bakerphotos1, @qasimh9
Editor + Colorist: @directorshaheb
CAST (In order of appearance)
Music: @maxcoopermax “Hope”
Eleanor Roosevelt – “The Human Rights Declaration” Speech