New Music video by Rory Midhani for Sado Opera – In The Dark

Beyond the glare of streetlights, neon signs and policemen, there’s another world taking shape in the shadows and the music gets louder as you approach. “In the Dark” is the latest erotic odyssey from queer Russian music collective SADO OPERA, conceived as a tribute to one of their favorite hangouts in their home base of Berlin, sex club Ficken3000. Of course, there’s no photography permitted in the dark little heavens of Berlin’s queer clubs, so Rory Midhani comes to the rescue for the song’s cheeky new music video. The artist recreates various lewd and luscious club scenes using cardboard puppets – complete with string and capture the thrusting and stroking effectively – to paint you a picture. identities outside and beyond binary gender, a playful tribute to the diversity of queer bodies, an homage to the venues and scenes that welcome them with loving arms.

The infamous sex club celebrated turning 20 this year, and continues to a diverse mix of pleasure-seekers: voyeuristic Hollywood celebs, local DILFs on the DL, and even Parisian design collective Vetements, who recently ran a line of T-Shirts stamped with the club’s logo and motto, “Share the Blame”. And blame for “In the Dark” can be shared with Damien Vandesande of the French electronic music band dOP ( Circus Company). SADO OPERA and Damien wrote and produced the track together using five different analog synthesizers. Strutting the line between hi-NRG and acid house, frontman The Colonel tells of the chance encounter he had in the basement darkroom of Ficken3000 with an anonymous man; one who had a rough beard, strong hips, and a wife who is either very open-minded or totally oblivious.
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