New Sentimentality

New Sentimentality is a collage series about the role of emotions in self-awareness during the post-internet era. Valerie Chaika is a visual artist currently based in LA, USA. Her semi-abstract paintings, drawings, collages and digital arts are characterized by bold colors, dynamic brushstrokes, graphic and emotionally raw imagery. For this stunning editorial she teamed up with photographer Michael Giroux to create these futuristic images.



“Virtual reality merges with real life, as our internet persona, merge with our self-perception. More and more often it becomes difficult to separate what is on screen with the world outside. We are living in a time when only emotions and feelings can guide us in these two worlds. Collages accommodate a plurality of frames not deployed in time, where two or more realities create a new one through a metamorphosis. This technique creates intimate, psychologically charged portraits influenced by the duality of the modern life.”




Make Up: Bridget O’Donnell, Jinjutha Vasinsukon
Hair: Erika Furuhashi
Models: Ella Food, Jack Page, Emma Riskin, Harmon Jones, Angela Sangalang, Jordan Sannicks
Photography: Michael Giroux  –
Creative direction: Valerie Chaika, Vera Tumanova
Collage artist: Valerie Chaika
Instagram: @valeriechaika