NICO SUTOR Fall/Winter 2017-18 – HVN

Berlin Fashion Week! Designer NICO SUTOR unveiled her new Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection at the KALTBLUT event at Blogfabrik! Heaven is a place on earth where we can be free. Keep your head high and look up to the clouds. The collection comes around in pastel and black. NICO SUTOR says: “For this collection I was inspired by the colors of the sunset, the mood of a rainstorm and the freedom of the clouds. We should be more like clouds ourselves, never asking where to go or who we are. Let’s just be clouds and surround ourselves with people and fashion that keep us flying.” All photos by Sebastian Pollin. Special THX to Zalando for the shoes! Hair and make up by Urnaa Uunii, Mby Randrianantenaina and Monique Stegemann


Make up and hair by Urnaa Uunii
Mby Randrianantenaina
Monique Stegemann
Shoes by Zalando
Special thanks to Blogfabrik
All photos by Sebastian Pollin
Models are
Eliot Dupuis
Julien La-Brien Sherman
Marco Hunger
Úlfar Loga Viva Models
Anian Casper
Kim Pyritz
Anastasia Kovalenko
Marthje Sagewitz