Nightmare on Solmsstrasse! An interview with Die Kraft Berlin

Halloween is knocking at the door. To celebrate the spooky season our friends from Die Kraft Berlin have created a fashion film and editorial. CREEP IT REAL! If you are in Berlin today do not miss the event: Nightmare On Solmsstrasse – Representing the COOLab # 2 with Berlin based Designers of DIE KRAFT! “We created UNIQUE/ Special pieces with Halloween appeal…Ready for you dress up, to hit the clubs and to go to your Halloween parties…And for every day…If you Dare!!!! wahhh haaaaa haaaa haaaaaaaaaa!!!!” Find out more here

Before we get to the SPOOKtacular questions about NIGHTMARE ON SOLMSSTRASSE ..


Well….DIE KRAFT happened at the perfect time for both of u.
We were both working in a studio together with our brands LU LA LOOP + IAMKILOGRAM
We were already thinking about collaborations, community events and feeling that we wanted to start something where we could express ourselves in a very fun, friendly and inviting atmosphere.
We both share a love of 80’s and 90’s culture, DIY culture, Kawaii, Streetwear, and have a love of the stores from 80’s + 90’s NY, Japan and London….Bursting with upbeat energy! Understanding other like minded, independent Designers and artists, we want to support them and their unique visions too.

DIE KRAFT ( The Power ) Is like BAM​…Powerful and to the point…no messing about..
We liked the way it sounds, like a band or a cult movie…haha! Anyway… Margot found the shop space…It was love at first site and we were very lucky to have found this little hinterhof, underground space. We have created a unique space that showcases our own work, local designers and other UNIQUE Designers across the globe as well as vintage and customized Fashion.
We have a strong focus on curating the space in a very playful, open way. We also work from the studio that travels from the shop and opens into the changing area/ gallery / studio. We can have meetings here in a casual and fun space too. We also have mini COOLabs where we invite Designers to make EXCLUSIVE pieces just for our store so they are truly unique to us and we provide music and moodboards to get Designers excited. Speaking of which.. We have COOLab # 2 happening now.

NIGHTMARE ON SOLMSSTRASSE. Our Berlin Based Designers have created unique Halloween inspired pieces and we made a very DIY, Lo-fi and trashy fun Fashion video and photo shoot which you will see here! We will be showcasing on our new YOUTUBE channel too.
We are super conscious of creating our own youthful and spontaneous, happy world.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR HALLOWEEN FASHION FILM and why Nightmare on Solmsstrasse … you obviously have some Humour? 

Yes yes!!!! Well we knew we wanted to start to make some fun little lo-fi, very DIY style videos to help promote the shop and celebrate our Designers. Also it was a chance for us to explore ideas in a community of crazy talented and Unique Designers, artists, photographers etc… To bring all our DIE KRAFT community together in a very fun and open setting.

We came up with a basic idea and it grew from there. We were also fortunate to meet our amazing Video maker, Tina at the right time too. She approached us right after her studies at Goldsmiths University in London and shared a similar vision to us. So here we are.
We wanted to make the video have a grotty, Trashy and slight seedy feeling with 80’s VHS vibes.

We love how all Fashion brands are unique and different, but it all works.
Oh yeah, thanks for noticing the Humour in the title name too haha. We wanted to reference 80’s horror ( the best Era!!! ) In our opinion anyway!


Die Kraft can be a little tricky to find sometimes, as you pass through the hinterhof, to the left then down into the basement, finally revealing our small ( but mighty ) Magical shop. If you are looking for something different, colourful and maybe a little outrageous, but also appreciate celebrating true craftsmanship going against the FAST FASHION norm and also a friendly, approachable place WITH GREAT MUSIC!! Hehe – Then come to us!

Also make sure to follow any events and our Instagram stories. We try to do as much social media as we can. We are also very open to meeting new Designers and invite people to submit their work. If we like it, we will consider selling their pieces too.

We are also very open to any Event ideas and collaborations too.
Margot ( IAMKILOGRAM ) is working on really cool reworked vintage sportswear apparel. Margot has been collecting, collector sportswear over the years and loves to give them a new life by deconstructing and reinventing one of a kind, non binary fashion. She also loves to find treasures across the globe and curates much of the vintage collection in store. Her dream was always to have a shop to present her treasures in. Et Voila!

Margot is always open to collaborations with artists and musicians too! Lu ( LU LA LOOP ) is also working as a costume Designer and you may have seen many of her collaborations with noise artist and techno goddess, AJA. And now making Drag artists costumes with Baby Lame and about to work on costume for Yvie Oddly. Lu is always happy to collaborate with Musicians and performers.
We are always here, happy and welcoming…If you do not buy from us right away, we know you will definitely be dancing to our 80’s and 90’s mixes and leaving with a smile!