Nikole Tursi unveils ‘Beyond the Art of Craft,’ her inaugural solo exhibition in the UK, as part of London Craft Week in London.

Delve into the ethereal realm of Nikole Tursi, as London Craft Week proudly inaugurates “Beyond the Art of Craft” at the historic Swiss Church, a captivating backdrop to showcase Tursi’s trailblazing fusion of fashion and art. This immersive exhibition, set within the 150-year-old Grade II listed edifice in Covent Garden, unravels from May 17 to May 19, 2024.

Photography by David Vail / Instagram: @davidvail_
The model is Mansi / Instagram: @mansisii
Make up by Jane Richardson / Instagram: @citizenjanes

The Swiss Church | 17-19 May 2024

Tursi curates a groundbreaking exploration across the narratively rich planes of art and haute couture. Featuring seven wearable artworks that echo the structural finesse of sculpture, her exhibition weaves the delicate boundaries between today’s avant-garde fashion and traditional art forms. From gloves to headpieces and full ensembles, each piece serves as a testament to her diverse interests—spanning embroidery, painting, and experimental textiles.

Her relentless pursuit of the unconventional fuels each creation. With a palette composed of rare, found objects and vintage trimmings, Tursi’s works evolve, crafted through innovative techniques that embrace the unpredictability and essence of diverse materials. Among the highlights is “Mercurius,” a winged ensemble celebrating mental liberation and crafted with antique millinery tools, and a botanically inspired wearable art piece created in collaboration with Daniel The Gardener.

Additional pieces, previously unveiled in Buenos Aires alongside the striking works of sculptor Celina Saubidet and designer Marina Molinelli at the 2023 Victoria Ocampo House, will be displayed, continuing to challenge and redefine the essence of wearable art.

Photography by Urko Suaya / / Instagram: @_urkosuaya
Photography assistant Paloma Aballone / / Instagram: @palomaaballone
Model is Merlina Famularo / Instagram: @merlinafamularo_
Make up by Connie Williams / Instagram: @conniewilliams_mkp


Tracing her origins back to Argentina’s prestigious Teatro Colón, Tursi evolved from crafting dramatic narratives through costume designs to initiating dialogues at the intersection of art and high fashion in global capitals. Her journey has been punctuated by accolades like the Mi Oficio, Mi Historia Prize and inclusion in elite circles such as the British Hat Guild and the Michelangelo Foundation. Most recently, her aesthetic prowess earned her a spot in The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective for 2024.

Portrait of the artist Nikole Tursi in her studio in East London @_______tursi_______
Photography by Vicky Polak / Instagram: @vickyp0lak


Venue: The Swiss Church, 79 Endell Street, WC2H 9DY, London
Dates: 17-19 May 2024
Opening Hours:

  • Friday, May 17: 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Saturday, May 18: 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Sunday, May 19: 2 PM – 6 PM

    Admission: Free

    Online: | Instagram

Discover Tursi’s captivating world where craftsmanship transforms into experiential art, extending an invitation to visualize, interact, and be inspired. Enhanced by the auditory landscapes of Lucas Romeo from Siesta del Fauno, “Beyond the Art of Craft” promises a sensory voyage through the innovative continuums of craftsmanship.

Photography by Fausto Elizalde / / Instagram: @fausto.elizalde
The model is Georgina Reese signed at Agency Viva Model /
Instagram: @georgina_beese @vivamodel
Stylist Nikole Tursi
Assistant Axelle Faes Cortes @axel_la_lolita