NINE SWORDS DOWN MY THROAT: Nicolás Astorga’s Blade-Sharp Exhibition at SAUERS

Bursting out of Berlin with a past mapped across continents, Nicolás Astorga, born in ’90 in Santiago de Chile, melds life and work in Germany’s artistic marrow. After honing his skills with a Meisterschule parchment at HGB Leipzig’s Expanded Cinema class, Astorga sharpened his flair with foundational studies in Chile and a creative immersion within Mexico City’s SOMA circles. Sprinkling his essence through Chile’s premier museums and sprinkled in exhibition spaces from Mexico to Peru and his German home ground, Astorga stitches societal themes with a thread spun from identity, context, and generational arcs to the very fabric of intimacy and power.

The Exhibit: A Complex Weave of Deep Emotions
Nicolás’s latest venture, NINE SWORDS DOWN MY THROAT, presents an embroidered tapestry of new tales and sculptures, taking on the tumultuous love life, matrimonial chaos, and the essence of motherhood—a narrative from the unseen gay lens. Channelling the ethos of characters like Medea and Saint Sebastian through a Tarot card tableau, the oeuvre plunges into a fraught journey of sexual candour, unbridled longing, and the piercing agony of loss. Adding to this rich narrative canvas, Isidora Gilardi’s pieces fold into the fold, hand-picked by Astorga, alongside insightful musings by Daniel Moldoveanu.

The Vernissage: A Gateway to Emotional Depths
Mark your calendar for the inaugural eve: Friday, 26th of January, 2024 at 19:00—a journey through emotional maelstroms awaits. The showcase continues to grace SAUERS until the ushering of March’s lion or lamb.

With a Curated Selection by Isidora Gilardi
26.01.2024, 7 PM Sharp
SAUERS Spotlights
Dennewitzstr. 7
10785 Berlin

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