No Random Guys

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature starring Amitay, Zohar, Prince and Gil, Meytar, Sean. All boys are signed to Brick Models. Photography by Meir Cohen. Styling by Chumi Polak. Mua & grooming by Roey Ohayon.

“My story presents the very new faces, a fresh generation of male models in Tel Aviv. Young, exposed, unapologetic but kind – the group revolves around motorcycles, street fashion and a thin balance between boyish delicacy and old-fashioned masculinity. Inspired by the music video “LAMB” by BROCKHAMPTON, I was looking for the dynamics that characterize a liberated spirit, and the closeness and power that can be felt in bands and groups like ours.”

photography / Meir Cohen / Instagram: @meirco
fashion / Chumi Polak / Instagram: @chumipolak
Mua & grooming / Roey Ohayon / Instagram: @roeyohayon
Assist / Dor Eliyahu / Instagram: @dor_eliyahu11
Models for Brick Models / Instagram: @brickmodels
Amitay / Instagram: @amitay_fried
Zohar / Instagram: @zohar.sh1
Prince / Instagram: @ptj30
Gil / Instagram: @gilberti__
Meytar / Instagram: @me1tar
Sean / Instagram: @sean_sirota_

Motors by: D.L.B. motosport KTM Israel / Instagram: @ktm_israel_official
Brands used are: Perre / Co / Scotch & Soda / Levi / KTM