Noel Alejandro presents: DOING ELLIOT

#MustSeeOfTheWeek:  Spanish filmmaker Noel Alejandro is incredibly pleased to announce the release of his sixth short film “Doing Eliot “, a cinematic depiction of an unexpected sexual encounter between two longtime mates. Protagonist Thomas (Cyrill) spots Elliot (Tristan) at a local park. They went to college together a long time ago, but Elliot doesn’t immediately recognize Thomas. What could have been an unimportant coincidence turns into a promising flutter, when Elliot drops his ID card giving Thomas the chance of a real meeting in a private place.

When the time comes, Thomas will learn that Elliot’s current life includes a beautiful house, a girlfriend, and some unlived desires from the past.

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More than a porn film, Doing Elliot portrays a very common episode from the homossexual reality with a tender and poetic view that’s yet unique in mainstream gay adult films. Starring real-life couple Cyrill and Tristan. Filmmed in Molenbeek (Brussels). Doing Elliot. 20 min, 2016, EN. Directed by Noel Alejandro. Starring Tristan and Cyrill. Will be available in


Noel Alejandro is a Barcelona-Brussels based independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director whose path is driven by all kinds of art that break taboos. His work has been hailed as unique, originative and avant-garde. It was recently said to “erase the line between art and porn”, and to emerge as “the best hope of contemporary independent gay porn”. All of his films are available for download in Noel Alejandro’s website.