Noir Glamour

Noir Glamour redirects the inflexible male aesthetic with a touch of grace. Under the direction and execution of the Fashion Model Mariano Elizalde and the lens of the Photographer Pablo Méndez, it was possible to materialize ‘Noir Glamour’. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

An ode to memory and oblivion of a passionate feeling that awakens in our memory in black and white. It is a permanent idyll between feelings and aesthetics, manifested under the grace that characterizes fashion, and interpreted by an impetuous beauty that stands out above any gender.

Mariano Elizalde is a model, contemporary-experimental dancer and non-binary creator deeply passionate about the arts, who, through fashion, the particular ornamental sense of dance, the spark of pose, and creativity, manifests the different nuances of their essence. The intention of this monochrome editorial, which Mariano recreated from the beauty of memory, is strongly interconnected to redirect the inflexible masculine aesthetics with a subtle classic character. From this vigorous desire to take pride in who you are, Noir Glamour was created.

The Artist has comprehended that it is not necessary to reveal in words, emotional states that mostly have complex structures, thus, Mariano discerned where the beauty of art lies…
Lies in the entire range of possibilities that the artistic manifestation provides you with the absence of voice, since as is usual, silence speaks louder than words. Duly, this premise interprets with fascination and grace the concept of redefining the mainstream narrative around being masculine, recounting with large dresses, lipsticks, and our favourite black stilettos; thereby, the intention of the fashion editorial is about not listening to dad when he said you could not wear mom’s heels, and glamorously, about embarking on a new life according to your desires.

Therefore, it has been possible to materialize the artistic project, between brushes and lipsticks from the brilliant makeup artist, between bows and dresses brought by the talented stylist, and with the singular touch of each one that conformed Noir Glamour.

Photography by Pablo Mendez Zarzua / Instagram: @pablomendezzarazua
Model and Creative Director is Mariano Elizalde Ortiz / Instagram: @marianoelizaldee
Signed at Queta Rojas / Instagram: @quetarojas
Make Up by Regina Elizalde Ortiz / Instagram: @makeup.reg
Styling by Ivan Mendez / Instagram: @ivanmendezstylist
Photo Assistant is Carlos Galván / Instagram: @carloos.galvan
The showroom is Janette Klein Showroom / Instagram: @jannetteklein
Emerging Designers are Dana Apigna / @d.d.dana_danaapigna / Naomi Gissel / @giselaa1 / Fernanda Villalón / @diosaunicabonitaaa / Gerardo Estrada / @gerardostrada

The Fashion Brands used are Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Aldo & Designs from the Stylist.

Instagram name of each Brand: @ysl, @ralphlauren, @aldo_shoes, @ivanmendezstylist.