A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Darren Black. Art Direction, Model, and Poem by Charlie Parker. Art Direction, Fashion, and Retouching by Sachin Gogna. Make-Up by Marisol Steward. Hair by Moe Mukai.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Vintage distressed string top.
KVRT STVFF Beige briefs with graphics.
“Charlie Parker (he/him) is a queer multidisciplinary artist; usually specializing in offering a visual branding experience, using vinyl cut/printed graphics around London. However, after adapting to the lockdown reality, he aims to use his love of words and typography to spill his queer experiences into poems and art.
NOSEBLEED is a poem about his delicate connection with his inner instinct and how ignoring the consciousness of his reality led to a damaging view on love, partying, and himself.
Therefore he wanted to express these experiences into a poem that not only helped him but also to help others understand, that you can choose a different narrative. That you don’t have to repeat those toxic patterns, purely just to escape or to feel a part of something. You can listen to your inner instinct, you are in control.”
COMME DES GARCONS X LEVIS Printed denim jeans
UNDERGROUND LONDON Black lace-up boots.
What shall I do,
to fix this mess,
Why should I,
When he cant confess?
He sniffs a line,
To forget about me,
Burning sensation,
Petrol penetration
Barriers come crashing down,
At sonic speed,
A stomping sweaty,
Sticky swamp
Those BIG blue eyes,
Reflecting at flaming sunrise,
Gazing into my deep black pupils,
Grinning from ear to ear
The erratic beat refuses to stop,
Fog like clouds,
begin to clog,
Clanking keys is all I hear,
Get me off this rooftop
The show begins,
Ignored calls sing,
Separation caused for celebration,
Roses showed no appreciation
How do I react,
With all this fear,
Should I let it go,
or keep it near
Back to square one,
Still no realization,
Time to repeat this situation.
OBECTRA Black muscle chest plate.
FECAL MATTER Distressed leather black trousers.
KVRT STVFF black thong.
CONTEMPORARY WARDROBE Vintage leather gloves with finger cut-outs.
RATHEL & WOLFE Silver Wide Distal Ring.
UNDERGROUND LONDON Black lace-up boots with steel toe cap.
OBECTRA string wrapped around the body.
FLEET ILYA Black fetish eyepatch.
NIE KETHER Black longing leather sleeveless blazer
FECAL MATTER Distressed black jeans with a white string.
OBECTRA string wrapped around the body.
UNDERGROUND LONDON Black lace-up boots.
FECAL MATTER Distressed blue denim jeans with open back.
FLEET ILYA Cut out thong.
MASISON MARGIELA White Tanktop with iron burn.
ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Double layered black tank top.
FLEET ILYA Black skull mask.
ECKE FAIE Nylon elastane bodysuit and Leggings

Photography by Darren Black @darren_black
Art Direction, Fashion and Retouching by Sachin Gogna @snxtchin
Art Direction, Model and Poem by Charlie Parker @charlieparker16 @revoltmodelagency
Make-Up by Marisol Steward @marisolstewardd
Hair by Moe Mukai @moemukai23
Set design by @pupperbitch