A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Elena Jiménez. Models are Kevin Garcia, Linru Wang and Carlos Varela. Make up by Ru Montilla. Styling by Jean Ayala. Photography edition by Sandra Garcia.

“I’m Jean Sebastian Ayala a fashion designer and stylist who has recently graduated in Barcelona. My work is highly influenced by the queer movement since I see myself as a queer person. I use gender expression and a mix of colors to express the required concept in every project.

The concept of this fashion editorial was created and directed by the stylist Jean Ayala and the makeup artist Ru Montilla. We wanted to represent childhood nostalgia, the freedom, the innocence, the way that we use to meet our friends without worries, forgetting adult responsibilities, and just live the moment.

On the execution of the pictures, a naive aura was used representing the models with clothes, textures, and colors that evoke us to the first years of our lives without abandoning the current stage, adulthood.”

Photography by Elena Jiménez / Instagram: @lenajzphotography
Photography edition by Sandra Garcia / Instagram:
Models are Kevin Garcia / Instagram: @garciasrules
Linru Wang / Instagram: @rru_8 and Carlos Varela / Instagram: @no_anox
Make up by Ru Montilla / Instagram: @rumontilla
Stylist: Jean Ayala / Instagram: @jeanayalastudio

Brands used are:

Krizia Robustella/@kriziarobustella / Daisy Street/@daisystreetcouk / Aura Mulier/@auramulier / Lebor Gabala/@leborgabala / Fila/@filaeurope / Marina Bosch/@marinaxbosch / Rokoko / Collusion/@collusionstudios / Azida/ /show room: : Machaka Salvaje/@machaka_salvaje / Carlota Perez.