Nostalgic freedom by Anna Mironova

Anna Mironova is a Moscow based photographer with a focus on fashion, editorial, beautyphotography and still life. “Nostalgic freedom is a story about nostalgia for freedom of expression. Customization of clothes as in the 70s-80s is a protest against stereotypes. To convey the spirit of the era, some of the photos were taken on film, and some with a diffuse filter. Don’t be afraid to personify branded clothes with embroidery with poems of your favorite writer or eyelets. Without fear of cutting your boring expensive jeans or painting a jacket that is «like everyone else».”

Team Credits
Photography by
Anna Mironova
Instagram: @avecamera
Model is Eldan Makas signed at Nika-models
Instagram: @eldan_makas
Style by Dasha Uragan
Instagram: @dasha_uragan

Fashion brands are Armani, Patrick Hellman, Lee, Uniqlo, Zara, Zolla, Levi’s ,
Asics and Otto Berg brands are castomomized by Dasha Uragan.ъ