Nothing is what it seems by Vivian Camphuijsen

A KALTBLUT Exclusive. Vivian Camphuijsen is a photographer currently based in Amsterdam. She teamed up with stylist Jeroen Bloemers and make up artist Cyriel Jacobs to create this project which is on the border between art and fashion. Model is Emma Buis.

“Within the story I am showing you the most difficult period in my life which actually should have been the best. When I was 17, I decided to leave my small town in Holland and to move to Bolivia (South-America). In Bolivia, I felt loneliness, I got the time and space to think about a difficult event that happened in the past. In order to put away my true feelings, I decided to stop eating and focus on that.
I felt that I needed protection, that I needed someone or something to help me through these horrible times. That is why I took a regular coin, which from that moment on would protect me from harsh times.”

“Now, 7 years later I still wear this coin as my protector. I believe in the power of the coin and the way it helps me when I feel sad, lonely or abandoned. Because of the big role it has played in my life I decided to give a tribute to this coin (the girl represents my coin) and my time in Bolivia (the landscapes). Till today I have been telling others how great my ‘gap-year’ was and how thankful I am that I have seen the other side of the world. However, I never tell them the actual story of loneliness, eating disorders and recovery of past events. That is what I do want to tell now by sharing my coin with the outside world.”


Photography by Vivian Camphuijsen ( /Instagram: @vivianquirine
Styling by Jeroen Bloemers – Instagram: @jaylefleur
MUAH by Cyriel Jacobs – Instagram: @cyrieljacobs
Model is Emma Buis – Instagram: @emmabuis.x

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