Nouman – Historia De Amor

KALTBLUT presents: Nouman – Historia De Amor. Photography by Florian Tenk. Model is Sergio Canelito. Design & Art Direction by Eugenio Fernández. Fashion & Styling by Victor Nouman. Denial of the singular male gender and proper name derived from the name of its first designer.Nouman – a fashion brand created in Madrid in 2016 by an interdisciplinary team of designers, architects and artists who develop their work collectively. Succession of creative and trangressive processes dedicated to the construction of an alternative masculinity that offers a space open to the production of identity, youth and gender.

Their collections are presented with boys from different contexts through a performative and transgressive event that combines fashion, art and architecture in collaboration with other artists, musicians and stylists. This collective vision leads to a mixture of styles that combines classic pieces of tailoring with grunge-urban garments and appropriated elements from different moments and places.
Their collections combine global interests for the present with the intimacy of a lonely room. Nouman rejects the romanticism of fashion and bets on a conceptual positioning from which to explore contemporary culture.


Photography by Florian Tenk / /

Model is: Sergio Canelito unsigned /

Design & Art Direction by Eugenio Fernández / /

Design & Styling by Victor Nouman / /