NYUMBANI by Kiki Khairy

Kiki Khairy recently earned a Master’s Degree in Fashion Styling & Communication from IED Madrid, following a BA degree in Communication & Public Relations. Today, Kiki adeptly navigates the realms of creative direction, styling, and fashion editing, demonstrating a remarkable proficiency in each facet of his craft. Born in London with roots in Egypt, his diverse background infuses his creative endeavours with a unique and multi-faceted perspective.

His latest work, “NYUMBANI”, meaning “home” in Swahili, is a celebration of the richness of Africa, specifically highlighting the diaspora within the fashion industry. In a cosmopolitan world, where individuals often navigate multiple cultural influences and identities, the concept of home and belonging can take on diverse and complex meanings.

As the creative director of this editorial fashion film, Kiki Khairy brought his vision to life by ensuring that every designer who worked on this project came from African descent. This deliberate choice not only underscores his commitment to authenticity but also serves as a resounding testament to his dedication to showcasing rich narratives embedded within African heritage. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Creative Direction and Styling by Kiki Khairy / Instagram: @kikikhairy
Photography by Eva Espinoza / Instagram: @byevaespinoza
Model is Sabina Maingi / Instagram: @sabi.sabby
Make up by Ismael Sánchez / Instagram: @ismistylist
Cinematography by Lorenzo Negueruela / Instagram: @lorenzonegueruela

Fashion Brands used are: AMO Studio, Camdesigner, Beshawear, Farah Beitelmal, Tida Coly

Instagram name of each brand: @a.m.o.studio @camdesigner @beshawear @farahbeitelmal @tida_coly