Oana Farcas – Kaleidoscope Woman at IOMO Gallery, Bucharest

IOMO Gallery presents “Kaleidoscope Woman”, a solo exhibition featuring the mesmerizing artwork of Romanian artist Oana Farcas. Be prepared to be transported into a world of vibrant colours and captivating compositions, as Farcas’s masterful creations take centre stage at IOMO Gallery. Celebrated curator Alice Zucca has handpicked a collection of Farcas’s latest works, showcasing her daring and unique approach to painting.

All images Courtesy the Artist and IOMO Gallery

From 17 June through 25 July 2023, immerse yourself in the fascinating realm of “Kaleidoscope Woman”. The opening reception on Saturday, 17 June 2023, is an unmissable event, starting at 6 pm EEST / 5 pm CEST. Come and mingle with art lovers, and witness firsthand the magic of Farcas’s interpretations of the world around us.

Mark your calendars, art lovers, and get ready for an art exhibition that will leave you spellbound!

Stepping into the world of Oana Farcas’s latest exhibition, “Kaleidoscope Woman”, at IOMO Gallery, Bucharest is like stepping into a world where the intricate tapestry of existence is captured in its full splendour. Farcas’s masterful paintings celebrate the figure of the woman, showcasing her duality and multifaceted nature.

The kaleidoscope, an awe-inspiring symphony of colours and shapes, and a potent emblem of the ever-shifting patterns of existence weaves a profound parallel with the figure of the woman. Farcas’s paintings embody this symbolism with skilful precision, capturing the complexities of everyday life, the abundance of natural and socially imposed roles, and the fluidity and adaptability inherent in the female experience.

With each creation, Farcas unravels layer after layer of rich and profound meaning, inviting us on a philosophical journey that delves into the significance and complexity of the figure of the woman. Her female characters exist on the cusp of transformation, suspended in the liminal space between yesterday’s echoes and the whispers of tomorrow.

Through the interplay of mirrored fragments and her captivating paintings, Farcas showcases her daring and unique approach to painting. It’s a journey that takes us deep into the significance of the duality of the woman, a journey that is as captivating as it is thought-provoking.

“Untitled”- a glimpse through the kaleidoscope…
35X50cm, oil on linen, 2023

Opening : 17.06.2023, 18:00
Curated by: ALICE ZUCCA