Obsessed with.. Devin, Elijah and Rafael

KALTBLUT Magazine just cant get enough of this trio of rising stars! Elijah signed to Nii Agency, Devin Truss & Rafaek Lovati signed to NEVS. Representing the freshest faces working in London right now. Lets get to know them a little better. Shot by Karl Slater.

Name: Elijah Che @ Nii

KALTBLUT: How were I discovered?

ELIGAH: I applied at my mother modeling agency, Nii, and the rest is history.

KALTBLUT: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

ELIGAH: The journey of exploring myself in visual conceptuality.

KALTBLUT: What item of clothing could you not live without?

ELIGAH My big hoop earrings because I feel sassy whenever I wear them.

KALTBLUT: Favourite food?

ELIGAH: Salmon

KALTBLUT: Last music track I listened to?

ELIGAH: MGMT – Alien days

KALTBLUT: If I were an animal which would I be and why:

ELIGAH: A peacock because they are pretty and dramatic.

Instagram: @elijahche

Name: Devin Truss @ NEVS

KALTBLUT:How were you discovered?

DEVIN: Instagram.

KALTBLUT: What has been the high light to you career so far?

DEVIN: W Magazine.

KALTBLUT: What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

DEVIN:Follow your heart.

KALTBLUT: What item of clothing could you not live without and why?

DEVIN: Stringer, I live for the gym.

KALTBLUT: What superpower would you love to have for 24 hours?

DEVIN: Flying.

KALTBLUT: If you only had £10 left in your pocket what would you spend it on?

DEVIN: He left this one out for some reason – I have asked him to fill in!

KALTBLUT: Which flavour of ice cream best describes your personality?

DEVIN: Mint chocolate chip

Instagram: @devintruss

Name:  Rafael Lovati @ NEVS

KALTBLUT: How were you discovered?

RAFAEL: My first photos were when i was living in Lima and i was 16, we did with some shirts that made my father and the photographer was a friend of us. Then i start doing more and more photos until two years ago there was a Elite model look in Lima just for women but one of the judges wanted to see me and he ask me if i wanted to start modelling outside of Perù and i said yes, and his my agent now.

KALTBLUT:What has been the high light to you career so far?

RAFAEL: I think last year when i did the magazine Fucking Young, but i feel 2018 is going to be an excellent year. I prefer even years.

KALTBLUT: What item of clothing could you not live without?

RAFAEL: I love my caps i always bring with me at least 3, what would be a life without caps? Hahaha

KALTBLUT: Favourite food?

RAFAEL: I don’t know, as good Italian i love my grandma lasagna and as a good Peruvian a love a good ceviche.

KALTBLUT: What was the last music track you listened too?

RAFAEL: J. Cole – False Prophets

KALTBLUT: If you were an animal what would you be?

RAFAEL: I really like wolfs but if i could be an animal i would be an eagle because there is no limit for them, just seeing them, how they flight and then they goes into a tailspin. Amazing.

Instagram: @lovatirafael

Devin Truss & Rafael Lovati by Sogol Razi using makeup by M.A.C Cosmetics www.instagram.com/sogolmua
Elijah Che by Grace Ellington using makeup from 3ina and skincare by Paula’s Choice. www.instagram.com/gracemariaellington

Team Credit:
Photography & Creative direction: Karl Slater www.instagram.com/slaterkarl
Text: Karl Slater