Obsessed with… Nickoles Alexander, Influencer special

As the world of male modelling is constantly changing and shifting as we move into the future, Models are no longer only getting booked through agencies but also through social media, KALTBLUT Magazine talks to LA-based model/influencer Nickoles Alexander capping 153000 followers at the time of this interview. Shot by our London editor Karl Slater, Nickoles wears brands Slick It Up, Manstore, Asos and D.HedralNICKOLES:

Hey y’all I’m Nickoles

KALTBLUT: Hey Nickoles, great to meet you! so tell us how were you discovered?

NICKOLES: Well I wouldn’t say discovered everything just sorta happened. I really enjoyed taking pictures of fun moments and my following grew when I moved to NYC and it escalated as soon as I moved to LA. You meet certain people and the more you meet the more you’re shown so I guess that’s how it happens!

KALTBLUT: What has been the high light to your career so far?

NICKOLES: I don’t have a solid career yet through my social but I am sorta in the works of a secret project to really take advantage of what I have been given.

KALTBLUT: What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

NICKOLES: Basically cut out anything that doesn’t make me happy. Especially living in LA you are surrounded by so many people and some of those people aren’t the best. So especially through so many challenges, I’ve learned to only surround myself with positive people who also give me the best advice to be the best me. Sounds cheesy I know but I have a very small group of friends (despite my following) that really helps me lead me in the right direction and we really look out for each other. I rather have that than a group of large friends that talk behind your back all the time.

KALTBLUT: What’s the most positive thing to come out of Instagram?

NICKOLES: Honestly at the moment the people you meet! And the places I get to go it’s amazing. I’m super comfortable with travelling because I put up a post I’m going somewhere and boom someone messaged me and wants to hang out and it’s like I’m safe everywhere. I obviously am still super careful but it’s nice to go somewhere and live someone else’s day to day in such beautiful cities, meet more of their friends and build a friendship out of that. Some of my closest friends live in different continents of the works and it’s like going to my second home every time I visit. It’s amazing really!

KALTBLUT: How long did it take to get to such a high level of followers?

NICKOLES: Once I moved to LA it just boomed! It developed in about 3 years. Unfortunately right now I’m at a standstill because my Instagram was taken away from me for about 6 months that it was growing every other day but when they thought I was fake they took it down and since I’ve had it back it’s been a lot slower but I’ve heard that’s normal so just being patient at the moment.

KALTBLUT: What item of clothing could you not live without?

NICKOLES: Honestly I’m not sure! Haha, I’m not a very fashion guy I do like nice clothes but not a die-hard collector.

KALTBLUT: What superpower would you love to have for 24 hours?

NICKOLES: Oh that’s easy I would love to be the male version of Jean Grey. Everything all the way even the force of the Phoenix gives it all!

KALTBLUT: If you only had £10 left in your pocket what would you spend it on?

NICKOLES: Probably McDonald’s  I love fast food. Yes, I know typical American.

KALTBLUT: Which flavour of ice cream best describes your personality?

NICKOLES: Sea Salt Caramel it looks sweet and once you take a lick you get that extra boom you weren’t expecting.

Instagram: @nickolesalexander

Wardrobe credits:
Slick It Up slickitup.com
Manstore www.manstore.de
Asos www.asos.com
D.Hedral www.dhedral.com

Photography: Karl Slater www.instagram.com/menbykarl
Model: Nickoles Alexander www.instagram.com/nickolesalexander
Text: Karl Slater