Oceans Day 2021: 24Bottles X Sea Shepherd

24Bottles, the sustainable design brand born in 2013 from the inspiration of Giovanni Randazzo and Matteo Melotti, announces its support to Sea Shepherd Italy on the occasion of Oceans Day 2021, with the special 24Bottles X Sea Shepherd Collection.

www.seashepherdstore.it // www.24bottles.com

Oceans Day: Design for a better future

World Oceans Day is a very heartfelt moment for us at 24Bottles. As a matter of fact, the brand was born to reduce the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives. Plastic accounts for 95% of marine litter. Every year, millions of tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans, causing danger to the marine ecosystem, damage to biodiversity and a threat to the survival of several species.

Sea Shepherd Italia and the JAIRO MED project

To celebrate World Oceans Day, 24Bottles has chosen to support Sea Shepherd Italy, which has always been committed to safeguarding this ecosystem and the life forms that inhabit it. Through the Jairo Med project, Sea Shepherd is active in conserving and protecting turtles in the Mediterranean, with particular attention to the endangered Caretta Caretta species.

These animals are strongly affected by the anthropogenic impact on their ecosystem. Many of them ingest plastic or get trapped in fishing nets. Moreover, laying eggs is compromised by the presence of humans on the beaches. The Jairo Med project sees Sea Shepherd volunteers patrolling the Italian coasts during the summer months to locate and preserve turtle nests, protecting the eggs until they hatch. Patrolling continues in the cold months to look for beached or struggling turtles, in some cases due to illegal nets and litter.

The 24Bottles X Sea Shepherd Collection

24Bottles and Sea Shepherd are launching their collaboration on the occasion of World Oceans Day 2021. The 24BottlesX Sea Shepherd Special Collection includes two variants of Urban Bottle 500ml, the extra lightweight stainless steel water bottle by 24Bottles. Jolly Roger Urban Bottle and Whale Urban Bottle will be available on the website www.seashepherdstore.it starting from June the 8th, and all proceeds will support the Jairo Med project.