Oh Boy! The Film

Oh Boy! is a choreographic piece conceived and imagined by Antonin Rioche as a human drama, as modern as it is timeless. The only protagonist, the dancer Benjamin Behrends, is engaged in an intense and poetic experience about loneliness. The film is the result of an adaptation and collaboration with Hadi Moussally from h7o7Films, that reveals an intimate romance and reality about the loneliness, that we all know about.

“Loneliness. For some of you, the word may not be very familiar, but the feeling, though, you know it quite well.”

Official Selections : 
« Frame Rush Screendance Festival 2019 » / London (UK) / March 2019

Based on the dance-piece “Oh Boy!” by Antonin Rioche
Co-production : h7o7Films & Antonin Rioche 
Adaptation by Antonin Rioche & Hadi Moussally
Film Director: Hadi Moussally
Choreographer: Antonin Rioche 
Dancer & Voice: Benjamin Behrends
D.O.P & Post Production: Olivier Pagny
Sound Design: Niels Plotard 
Fashion Stylist: Marie Scirocco
Fashion Designers: Hed Mayner & Sean Suen