KALTBLUT and photographer Andreas G. Waldschütz are presenting: German based menswear designer Kai Dunkel and his “Ominous” look book. Starring two of our favourite male models: Sasha Marini signed M4 Models Hamburg at and Dominik Berberich signed at Modelfabrik Berlin. Fashion film by Nico Meyer-Brenkhof. Camera by Jens Wirtzfeld. Hair by Andreas Weiss. Make up by Mandy Köhn. Music and sounddesign: Stefan Hoffmeister. 

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KAI DUNKEL: In order to exploit our inspiration to the maximum, we have not been focusing on one medium but to work interdisciplinary instead. The form thus created give the product a profundity that is palpable to the viewer. The pieces gained their characteristics, through the implemention of scientific approches, such as processing the fabrics with a variety of different applications.

OMINOUS: The rough style of the fashion pieces incorporate long and floating elements. The application of wax, adds a certain glance and rigidity to the fabrics. In contrast to the rough application, we used an organic and lose canvas that creates the avantgarde synergy we are going for.
The usage of draping an organic seaming on dark and monochromatic fabrics is a core aesthetic that Ominous emphasizes.
In its first chapter, the brand is focusing on the new silhouette of tomorrow. The inspiration is taken from the contrast between the future vision of our collapsing planet and a new world order that shines through, symbolizing a new beginning.
The fashion film with it’s reviving sound underlines this significance by positioning the progressing protagonists in a dystopian setting.
This new world lays the foundation of what is about to come.

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Designer:  Kai Dunkel / @Facebook / @Instagram
Photography: Andreas G. Waldschütz / @Facebook
Model: Sasha Marini / @Facebook / @Instagram
Hair: Andreas Weiss // Make – Up: Mandy Köhn
Music & Sounddesign: Stefan Hoffmeister
Film Directed & Edit: Nico Meyer-Brenkhof
Camera: Jens Wirtzfeld
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