On a Baltic Sea Discovery – Backstage with Baltic Sea Philharmonic

For 14 days this September, 80 young musicians rode from Lithuania to Germany, stopping off along the way to perform to 8,000 people across the Baltic Sea region. They are the players of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, who hail from the ten Baltic Sea countries, and they’re on a mission. Led by their dynamic conductor Kristjan Järvi, they’re using music to foster unity and understanding across the region. With a repertoire for their ‘Baltic Sea Discovery’ tour that included famous hits by Tchaikovsky and Sibelius as well as cutting-edge modern music by Arvo Pärt and their own local folk tunes, they’ve brought the world with them, as the standing ovations and sold-out halls throughout the tour attest. Peter Adamik’s photos capture some of the energy and friendships that were generated throughout the tour (as well as some of the down time), but you’ll have to listen to them to understand the full experience!

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