On the shores of the Baltic Bay

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Dima Cube. Model and Stylist is Cake. “We made this photo session on the shores of the Baltic Bay near the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Our shooting is dedicated to the young talented fashion designer Yana Gilvichiute from St. Petersburg. Yana presents her brand GILVICHYUTE, which has released a new collection of menswear, inspired by the combination of the Renaissance and 90s. Pastel shades, ruffles, transparency combined with hard voluminous and sharp shapes, black leather, the shortest bottoms. The clash of different styles, femininity and masculinity, youth, beauty. Ugly beauty.”

Photography by Dima Cube. Instagram: @dimacube
Model / Stylist – Cake. Instagram: @cakemonst
Fashion designer – Yana, brand Gilvichyute. Instagram: @yanagilvi