Jacket by H&M Pants by H&M Shoes: Caroline Ereznik


A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial and fashion film. Photography by Linnnn. Director and Fashion by Seri Lee. Cinematography by WonJun Jo. Model is Seunghwa Noh, represented by Garten. Hair was done by Junho Ma. Makeup by Dohyun Kim. The music director was PCMN.

Once I saw life through the pure eyes of one who is learning.

Now, looking back through jaded eyes, I see that experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

Top by Haluminous
 Hat by Stylist own
 Necklaces by Oddcollet
 Jewellers on the table by Demoo parkchoonmoo

Coat by S.lee the label
 Eye cover by S.lee the label

Coat by Caroline Ereznik
 Skirt by S.lee the label
Neckpiece by Hannah Riley 
Shirt by Lydia Foord 
Jewellers on the frame by S_S.IL
 Rings by Oddcollet

Jacket by Minimanimo
 Shirt by Caroline Ereznik 
Necklaces by Oddcollet
 Black Neckpiece by Stylist own
Rings by S_S.IL

Director and Fashion: Seri Lee / www.serilee.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/serileecreates
Vimeo: vimeo.com/serilee

Photography: Linnnn / www.linnnn.comInstagram: www.instagram.com/linnnn.kr

Cinematography: WonJun Jo www.instagram.com/trash_maker_ 

Music director: PCMN www.instagram.com/pcmn___

Represented by Airbag Seoul www.instagram.com/airbag_seoul

Talent: Seunghwa Noh  Instagram: www.instagram.com/shnoh_boi
Represented by Garten 

Hair Stylist: Junho Ma Instagram: www.instagram.com/ma_hair7

Makeup Artist: Dohyun Kim Instagram: www.instagram.com/1031top

Fashion by 

Caroline Ereznik  instagram.com/carolinereznik

Demoo parkchoonmoo www.demoo.com

Haluminous www.haluminous.com

Hanna Hriley


H&M  www.hm.com

Lydia Foord www.instagram.com/l.foord

Minimanimo www.instagram.com/minimanimo_official

Oddcollet www.oddcollet.kr

Shonajoy shonajoy.com

Slee the label www.instagram.com/slee_label

S_S.IL www.ssil.com