One To Watch: Jivika Biervliet

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Jivika Biervliet is a menswear designer based in Arnhem. In 2010 she graduated at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht where she was specialized in Fashion Communication. In 2012 she started as an independent designer. Besides designing Menswear she also started with designing Kidswear and collaborating with dancers. Her strong preference for menswear arose from the feeling that Menswear have more rules. Jivika Biervliet searches for existing borders in order to exceed them. Characteristic for her designs are the materials, the clean lines and also the playfulness within the collections. The pieces are conceptual, experimental and wearable at the same time. Photography by Kevin Daniel Croes. Model is Passian George Smit. Jewellery by Peter Hsieh.

26-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 25-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 23-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 21-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 20-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 18-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 15-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 13-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 12-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 11-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 10-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 9-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 7-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 5-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 3-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 2-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini 1-ohm-jivika-biervliet_mini
Collection: Jivika Biervliet / / @jivikabiervliet
Jewellery: Peter Hsieh / /
Photography: Kevin Daniel Croes / / @danielcroes
Model: Passian George Smit
Assistance: Pien Klein Douwel