One to watch: Muzi

Muzi is one to watch, up-and-coming young DJ/producer from South Africa, already featured in articles and videos by i-D, Thump, Noisey and more. Muzi is a multi-talent artist and mostly curious and positive about life, and ready to show the world what he’s made of and that Africa matters. Save the date and catch Muzi in Berlin at Ohm on the 10th and at the Vice House Party on the 23rd of June!



Muzi: Hi Nadia, and thank you for taking the time to do this interview, really appreciate it.

KALTBLUT: Of course! Tell me, when did you arrive in Berlin and how do you like it?

Muzi: Got here mid-August 2015. I love it here, really cool place. It has taken me a while to open up to it though, but now things are easier because the sun is coming out. Very different from home, the language, the people, the atmosphere, the culture, everyone seems to mind their own business here and I love that about it.


KALTBLUT: Why did you decide to move?

Muzi: I felt like I owed it to myself to go for my dreams at the highest level. I’m doing good, I feel great, I’m happy, I’ve only been here nine months so I will make my mark over time.

KALTBLUT: Do you find that Berlin has changed your music?

Muzi: As I developed, my music started to have more melody and a lot more space. Being away from home has certainly accelerated the process and made me want to be the best version of myself.


KALTBLUT: What are your next happenings in Berlin and elsewhere?

Muzi: I have a three Berlin gigs in June so I’m looking forward to that… Schwuz with Black Cracker, a gig at Ohm, and the Vice party. Currently making three videos, one in London, one in Berlin and I’m going to shoot another one in South Africa in a few weeks. Also, just signed my label, WE.THE.BUNDU with !K7 Records and done a separate deal for Africa with Sony, so that’s really exciting.

KALTBLUT: Besides music, you also work on a fashion line?

Muzi: I have a fledgling fashion/lifestyle label vibe called FRESHER.THAN.YOUR.IDOL. I basically started thrifting clothes and customizing them to look as fresh as I possibly could and things just snowballed from there. I love painting on denim jackets and distressing them. Currently I have one of ones for each piece I’ve made. Hopefully soon, I can make a few pieces and put them out there. I don’t believe in idols, so the name states that YOU are fresher than your idol. It’s a way of saying “believe in yourself”.


KALTBLUT: Do you feel that music and fashion can go hand in hand?

Muzi: Yes, because it’s all part of life, well for me anyways. Look fresh, feel fresh, make fresh ass music!

KALTBLUT: Are you interested in other things besides music and fashion?

Muzi: My life mission is to be part of the group of people that make the world see how cool Africa and Africans are. Feel like there’s a lot of false information out there that taints our image and I want to be part of the movement that changes that rhetoric, one art piece at a time.

KALTBLUT: Any life goal you want to share with our readers?

Muzi: I’d love to score a movie one day, I feel like that’s where I’m going to end up. Scoring movies on some Lebo M, Hans Zimmer or Trevor Jones tip!


Catch Muzi in Berlin at Ohm on the 10th and at the Vice House Party on the 23rd of June.



All photos by Marcel Schlutt for KALTBLUT Magazine