One To Watch: Vanta Design Studio

“We believe in simplicity, not in complexity.” Vanta Design Studio is a creative project entirely made in Italy that through the ethical perspective of impact zero makes its own aesthetic and ideological revolution inside the streetwear universe. Photography by Cristiano Pedreocco. Styling by Marco Grisolia. Model is Jesus Guia. All looks are by Vanta Design Studio.

Thanks to the archives of the most prestigious Italian textile companies, unused fabrics and materials intended for disposal, finds a new form and meaning.

We design clothes contributing to the “recycling revolution”.

Means to implement this will be the synergy between the textile industry and our team, the study of the reuse of materials and finally the design .


A responsible formula, supplied by an innovative vision, which returns to the concept of “reduce-reuse-recycle” a different and unexpected attitude. A concept that acquires further energy and prominence thanks to the sartorial approach together with the experimentation of new style solutions.

Photography by Cristiano Pedreocco /@cristiano_pedrocco

Style by Marco Grisolia /@marcogrisolia___

Model is Jesus Guia /@jesus_guia


Shoes by Puma

All looks are by Vanta Design Studio / @vanta_design_studio