One To Watch: Von Hund

Von Hund is a new Berlin-based fashion and accessories brand for men, women and dogs. We like ultra-premium materials and minimal design. We believe in affordable luxury and the transparency of our process so our customers feel informed about each product’s history. You can only buy Von Hund products on this website and by skipping the retail middleman, we are able to pass on the savings to you.“ – Isabel Kücke & Rohan Hooe

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Von Hund comes with everything you urban citizens were hoping for. A classic, minimal design, with premium cuts and luxury fabrics at an affordable price point. Until now, most of us broke fashionistas had to chase the fast fashion retailers for affordable clothing. But what if you feel like, you have grown out of that? If you want something more honest but you just can’t afford designer clothing because your graphic design position just doesn’t pay enough? Well, ‘Von Hund‘ is exactly what you were looking for.

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