Our favorite Ukrainian hitmaker Ivan Dorn teams up with Her’s Victor Solf

#NightSound! Single “Right Wrong” sees Victor Solf (ex french pop-soul duo Her) teaming up with Ukrainian hitmaker Ivan Dorn, who also serves as the creative force behind forward-thinking Masterskaya label that houses the track. The song was born via a chance meeting in Berlin, where two men played the same venue in April earlier this year. A spark was created and ignited an electrified collaboration, that led to recording the track right on the spot. The song was premiered this summer during Kiev’s Atlas Weekend, one of the biggest music festivals in Ukraine.

“Right Wrong” opens with Ivan Dorn’s trademark charismatic vowel-twisting vocals before descending into whirlpool of hypnotic electronic beats and finally reaching anthemic chants of the chorus. It’s a slow burner that quickly gains speed and is destined to become a dancefloor staple, whether you’re looking for a groovy kick-starter of the night or a lush afterhours banger. The song will be performed live again in Paris on February 2, when Ivan Dorn will support Her in legendary venue Zenith for the last ever show of the band before Victor Solf focuses on his solo career.

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Victor Solf:


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Everything starts in Moscow. We perform at the same festival, we don’t know each other but we notice common artistic influences. I was very impressed by Ivan’s show and his charisma.

After that we bounded and a few months later we play in this club in Berlin within 24 hours of each other. We decide to book a studio with my musicians and it all felt super natural and easy. We wrote “Right Wrong” in a few hours and finished it later in the night in a sort of squat in Berlin.

That kind of collaboration is precious because it’s based on common admiration and reciprocal trust.

I really hope people can feel the positive energy from that day and night in Berlin by an Ukrainian and one French guy.

Ivan Dorn:


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At times you need to keep some space for spontaneity in your schedule, then all of the aссidents bring some magic surprises into your life, that is exactly how we met with Victor! Сonsequently we have something bigger then just a track – we have a message here, a power, an experiment and improvisation, friendship and music. We have a life inside this collaboration! I’m thankful for this moment and the result that you’ll hear right now!

“Right Wrong” follows another successful collaboration in Ivan Dorn’s 2018 portfolio: he recently worked with world-renowned Ukrainian DJ Vakula on the quirky single “Opomnis” and its striking video was premiered on Complex.

In January 2019 Ivan Dorn will perform at the showcase festival Eurosonic Nooderslag in Groningen, Netherlands, in March – at the SXSW in Austin. In spring Ivan Dorn will embark on a solo tour around Germany.


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