A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Rony Curifuta. The model is Ronald Alegria. Make up by Francisco Ayala. Art Direction by Popapo Chan. Styling by Sandra Varas. Production by Gabriel Perez. Fashion by Aure0001, Martin Luttecke, Charlie & H, Cresta, and Marcelo Madariaga.

Paipote, located in the Copiapó Valley, Atacama region of Chile, is part of a sacrifice zone, a term coined to refer to a sector that accumulates bigs industries with high rates of pollution function on the country’s economy, 2021 the Pollution levels in the commune reached 500% above the air quality standard

In Copiapó and its surroundings, the industry merges with the landscape of the Atacama desert, leaving, as a result, the adjacent contamination of progress where communities are created around the mining industry. Photographed in 3 types of camera format.

Photography by Rony Curifuta / Instagram: @ronycurifuta
Model Ronald Alegria / Instagram: @ronald_alegria.23
Make up by Francisco Ayala / Instagram: @franciscofrafran
Art Direction by Popapo Chan / Instagram: @popapo_chan
Styling by Sandra Varas / Instagram: @sandravaras_
Production by Gabriel Perez / Instagram: @atmosferadifusa
Photography Assistant by Rodrigo Perez / Instagram: @visualglaree

Fashion: Aure0001 @aure_0001 / Martin Luttecke @martin.luttecke
Charlie & H @charlieandh / Cresta @cresta_cl / Marcelo Madariaga