Palladium’s Heritage collection combines timeless aesthetics, functionality, and durability

A footwear brand emerged from PALLADIUM’s quality promises, which were born back in the 1920s in the manufacture of aircraft tires. Founded in Lyon, France in 1947, PALLADIUM has left a footprint in history for over 75 years.

Just as they supported the French Foreign Legion with the comfort and function of the Pallabrousse shoe, they later pushed a whole series of generations in their individual projects, no matter what the terrain. One brand, many silhouettes, countless stories. The Pallatennis (similar to the Palla Ace today) became the uniform of the ’68 movement in Paris.

Part of New York’s energetic subculture scene, the Pampa Hi was adopted by the city’s avant-garde and queer communities and became a symbol of pride, self-expression, and community belonging. Far removed from the conformism of mainstream culture, the Pampa models withstood perennial grunge gigs and raves on asphalt in the ’90s.

Whether it’s the grunge era or funky Y2K, the shoes have adapted to the present and the trendy zeitgeist and will remain a constant companion in the future.

All this is possible thanks to Palladium’s constantly pursued quality promises: Protection, adaptability, functionality, and of course trend awareness.​