Pandemone by Giusy Amoroso and Gino Tremila

Giusy Amoroso and Gino Tremila are both artists and respectively based in Berlin and Rome. Giusy Amoroso, Art director and CGI Artist freelance and Tremila, Art director and AR Artist; wanted to give a visual representation to this particular type of FEAR that is created during such a pandemic (COVID-19). So they created “PANDEMONE” ( which is an Italian title from Latin “Pandemonium”, and also a mix of the words Pandemic and Demon).

It all started when Giusy Amoroso was in Italy visiting her friends almost 6 weeks ago, and at that moment the Corona Virus exploded first in the north and then spread out in the all country.
Fortunately (or not), she was able to fly back to Berlin but her friends Gino and his girlfriend escaped in the countryside, where Gino’s family lived to protect themselves from the virus.

This is when both artists decided to put a visual on this fear that was suddenly here, a FEAR created and related to this pandemic.

” We decided to give to this Fear a form, a real organic indefinite shape. The representation of the creature is nothing more than the awakening of an ancient fear of the human race. The undefined feeling of individual and collective fear of this beast that does not stop in front of anything and walks its way generating discomfort.”

“We decided to create a Face Filter, A 3D Character, A 3D Artwork Illustration series, and the Typography. We approached that through various digital “areas” (AR, CGI, and GRAPHIC DESIGN).”

The filter is still waiting for approval from Instagram but will be soon available for everyone! I’m in love!


Instagram: @sx_marigoldff
Instagram: @tr3mila