Pankration by Mireia Farran & Laia Rafols

Laia Rafols is an Editorial and Documentary photographer based in Barcelona who works on personal and commissioned projects. She always takes part in the creativity behind every project creating an imaginary for all her photographs. Mireia Farran is a passionate photographer from Barcelona. Most of her shots are portraits, shared moments, and scenes of everyday Mediterranean life. 
After morphing the words: Pan & Katros, meaning ‘with all the strength’, Pankration highlights the clash of energy and the limits between two people who share work, friendship and housing. It is a constant dance of moments of connection and friction that transport us to the harsh reality of any relationship; a duality of energies that exists in the universe, opposite but complementary to each other.
Photographers: Laia Rafols & Mireia Farran I
Instagram: @laia.rafols I @mireia_farran
Models: Rémi & Pau
Stylist: Pau Aulí
muah: Sandra Martín