Paul is a friend of a friend

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Xavier Murillon. Model is Paul Notot. Grooming by Xavier Murillon. “I’m Xavier Murillon, a portrait photographer based in Paris. I work a lot with rookie models or artists and I find there is something intriguing about their gaze and the way they act in front of the camera. Of course I am looking for people with the ability and desire to open up and share a piece of themselves with me. Test shoots always start by talking a bit about each other’s lives and finding what connects us. I find that this process really helps establish a trust for the work ahead of us. My work is inspired by the images you find in fashion magazines but I try to put emotion in the forefront of the image. I feel that this way, the fashion, the beauty, or the artist connects on a deeper level with the viewer rather than the picture being only aesthetically pleasing.”

“Paul is a friend of a friend, somewhat of a party animal but works just as hard. I saw photos of him and thought he had an attitude and a charisma I wanted to capture. We met on the day of the photoshoot after exchanging a bit through messages, and he completely surprised me with a very sweet and caring nature, very curious about the photography process and open to try new things and explore this new experience for him.He was willing to explore different poses, and really break through his comfort zone ! Paul is passionate about history and shared many little known facts about the origins of modern customs. A pleasure to photograph and talk to.”

Photography and Grooming by Xavier Murillon / / Instagram: @xavier.murillon
Model is Paul Notot / Instagram: @tobe_ornotot_2be