Performa, a project by Lauryna Narkeviciute

Lauryna Narkeviciute is Lithuanian Visual Artist who focuses on digital art, visual design, and photography. Her work is characterized by a dialogue between various materials and different fields of art, in which aesthetics always play an important role. Performa is a project that combines sounds and visuals. A game of discovery, constructing and deconstructing the primary form/content, the concepts of composer’s creations. Without hearing the sounds, a new narrative emerges, the creations acquire their own history and new interpretations.

How does it look or sound, what can you feel, how close our imagination is to visible, audible and tangible reality? An eclectic journey, that simultaneously combines sound and visuals through our unique experiences and distinctive art forms.

The first part of ‘Performa’ project – contemporary music concert where compositions, written by young Lithuanian composers known around the world, have been combined by ‘Twenty Fingers Duo’
’Shadows of the night canvas’, Dedicated to Mikalojus’ brush
Composer Andrius Maslekovas
Lauryna Narkeviciute, Visual Artist | Artwork ‘Pulse’
Canvas, pulsing expressively, or perhaps circulating within a person? Motion and sound, heart responding to tempo,
frequencies, inclined to follow the rhythm. Only impulses and breathing.
Andrius Maslekovas, Composer:
Reflection of several nightscapes from the paintings of Ciurlionis… I try to give sound to these pictures and to lter the imagery, Ciurlionis’ physical brush strokes and often unstable emotional aspects through a subjective soundtrack.

‘In the midst of silence’,
Composer Julius Aglinskas
Lauryna Narkeviciute, Visual Artist | Artwork ‘Process’
In between movement and stagnation, in between time and ever-changing material. The resin of conifers on the night forest floor and its imperceptible transformation into amber.
Julius Aglinskas, Composer:
Musical material lands in between beats ‘of silence’ every time. In a certain time segment where it seems nothing is happening. Just like the occurrence ‘here and now’, that has unavoidably fallen back to the past tense and became silence – similar to the one existing in the forest… In the past moments, for the forest and its silence.

‘Walking Through The Three Points ‘,
Composer Dominykas Digimas
Lauryna Narkeviciute, Visual Artist | Artwork ’Iteration’
Here, a filtered acoustic elements sequence is visible. The basis of Dominykas’ composition – recordings made during his acoustic walks in Vilnius, the combination of his everyday trajectories. I created the virtual journey on the map by accurately repeating those strolls and trajectories. Outline and it’s hardly changing mathematical parameters. Just like the sound altering in the natural environment and the echo of peoples’ movements, the new choreography and unique shape are constructed.
Dominykas Digimas, Composer:
The route that I took every day… Sometimes I increase the pace, overtake one or another pillar, tree. The consideration on which line of the row of tiles I am walking, which foot I go first when crossing the road. How one or the other place sounds, what are the tiniest acoustic details?
Walking the same streets over and over again you get used to the things you see and a certain body motorics is formed. In this case, you can concentrate your attention on the other details, that you would not normally notice during your daily routine. It is a pleasure to realize that we are surrounded by such a musical environment. Without much input, an organic, ever-changing natural composition is created around you.
A link to the route of the composition in the streets of Vilnius.

Composer Ruta Vitkauskaite
Lauryna Narkeviciute, Visual Artist | Artwork ‘Above Sea Level’
It is not easy to listen to the high register instrument sounds in the composition. Different acoustic conditions and sources give a similar result. Such as low pressure and high pitches. The uncomfortable feeling and noise in your ears. The mountain tops somewhere high above the sea.
Ruta Vitkauskaite, Composer:
‘Hightet‘ based on two old ideas I had for years. One is a direct association with the string instruments for me, as the violin player. I often joke you can recognize violinist by his exhausted from the high frequencies look. The second idea I got when hearing composers Johannes Schöllhorn’s violin concerto, written inspired by the imaginative changing view which he sees when turning around his axis. The long continuous glissando in the violin part was describing the view of the sea and it created an amazing effect on me – feeling of changing space and static time, and association with something continuous but monumental.


‘dew.mist.’ ,
Composer Mykolas Natalevicius
Lauryna Narkeviciute, Visual Artist | Artwork ‘ -272°C ’
One degree higher than the absolute tranquility and the absolute zero, when the development starts. Life is being created.
Mykolas Natalevicius, Composer:
The feeling of a clear and refreshing August morning. In this silence, you can hear the dew and mist appearing. The most important role in this process is taken by the meditative change of timbre.

Composer Arturas Bumsteinas
Lauryna Narkeviciute, Visual Artist | Artwork ‘Hydrargyrum’
Hydrargyrum (Latin) – mercury, the origin of every metal, considerably the most toxic heavy metal. Material which can be vital and deadly, depending on its use. That is ‘Lyrica’.
Arturas Bumsteinas, Composer:
My sound recordings from the archives, titles of various Latin medicaments, voices growing into improvisations of those titles. Consumption like a panacea, consumption here, in Lithuania, in the world.

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