Peripheral vision by Romanda Che

Art photographer Romanda Che based in Russia, works in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, shoots series in the art house style, balancing on the verge of absurdity and aesthetics, paradox and performance. In her works, Romanda Che uses geometry as a form for meaning, her works are distinguished by unusual images that are often on the verge, subtle graphic and aesthetics. Her projects tell about the interaction between the inner world of a person and the outside world, between people, about the body, about emotions. it is always a deep meaning wrapped in a geometrically built composition.

Peripheral vision

“How to draw attention to two aspects at the same time? Arrange them in places that are not obvious, unusual for them, thereby giving rise to a series of questions: what connects them, unites them? Are they a continuation of each other in the shown story or, on the contrary, opposites? By putting a person out of the frame, it is paradoxical, but in this way the author provokes action from the center (why this particular picture?) to the edge – how is it related with the hero of the picture?

The answers, as in many works by Romanda Che, are not obvious: the title of the series reflects the way to find them. A person’s peripheral vision is not so clear as central and in the series: the author suggests to feel with his peripheral vision the outlines of objects, to catch an unobvious meaning, to try to find a connection, to give free rein to his imagination.

In each shot, I have identified the connection between a famous work of art and everyday life. Each person interprets art in his own way, just as art is reflected on each individually. This shoot used images from well-known brands and local Russian designers.”
Brands used are: Krestetskayastrochka @krestetskayastrochka_officia / Acne Studios @acnestudios / Lena Lumelsky @lena_lumelsky / Bottega Veneta